Aug 16, 2023 1:54:02 PM | CEN News Maui Fires Catch the Island By Surprise!

The question many are asking in Maui right now, is where is God in all this?

The question many are asking in Maui right now, is where is God in all this? Having the ability to RESPOND NOT REACT with calmness, peace and Hope in Christ to the devastating fires in Maui have presented a Gospel opportunity amid the widespread destruction which had left locals and tourists grappling with the aftermath. The fires, which broke out recently, have proven to be a major threat, prompting immediate evacuation measures and extensive firefighting efforts. The Maui Fire Department has been working tirelessly to contain the blaze, with multiple crews and resources deployed to combat this escalating crisis.

The fires initially started in a remote area near the Kīhei community, but strong winds quickly spread the flames, engulfing residential areas and endangering wildlife habitats. The local authorities have declared a state of emergency and have urged residents and visitors to evacuate immediately to ensure their safety. In addition, several schools and businesses have been closed as a precautionary measure. As of now, it remains uncertain what sparked the fires, but investigators are diligently working to determine the cause.  

The good news, Christians are responding to the call for help. The Salvation Army is actively responding, Samaritan Purse has flown a volunteer team and 17 tons of relief supplies from North Carolina. Cooperative Baptist Fellowship and their churches have boots on the ground assisting in relief efforts. CEN is staying in communication with local partners who are faithfully serving as well. Maui is another reminder to prepare locally as crisis large and small often come unannounced.

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Mary Marr

Written By: Mary Marr