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ACTIVE Threats Against Christians  Weekly Threat Assessment As Christians celebrated the Joy of Our Risen Savior on Sunday many are still on...

Tuesday, April 6, 2021

CEN ACTIVE Threat News


ACTIVE Threats Against Christians 

Weekly Threat Assessment

As Christians celebrated the Joy of Our Risen Savior on Sunday many are still on “high alert” in countries experiencing an unprecedented rise in targeted violence against our community. Here’s just some of the headlines this week:

  • Haitian pastor kidnapped during a live stream church service in Mexico. 

  • Believers left unprotected from the civil unrest engulfing many cities worldwide while pleas for help from government officials to enforce the rule of law and support local law enforcement go unanswered. 

  • U.S. authorities are still hunting for an assailant who brutally attacked an Asian believer on her way to church as bystanders ignored her assault! 

  • In Jerusalem a 15h Century Wall Cross graffiti case gets solved as Germany’s institutionalized churches suffer an attendance meltdown. 

  • U.S. media MIA as Church arson, burglaries, and overall crime is rising over 80% weekly

  • The U.S. Supreme Court rejects an appeal by a Church threatened with closures.


Gunmen kidnap Haiti pastor during Facebook live church ceremony 

Churches Open for Easter? Answers Vary Across the U.S. and World. 

Radical Islamic Extremists kill dozens in Mozambique town

One German Source declares Institutional Churches in Meltdown this Easter

ISIS Supporters call for more Attacks on Indonesian Christians

Graffiti or homage? Hi-tech imaging sheds light on Holy Wall Crosses 

GFA calling for urgent prayer amid Myanmar Massacre

Christians Abducted from Nigerian Church Bus

Nigeria is One of the most Violent places in the World

Sudan takes step toward Religious freedom within large Christian Nuba population


Football star lost job, found drugs, Nation of Islam before U.S. Capitol Attack. 

Group calls for Veterans Statue Removal over Christian message

Conservative students in Texas harassed for Easter eggs with Bible verses

Priest who denied same sex Marriages, leaves denomination 

Arkansas senate passes bill banning transgender surgery for youth

U.S. Supreme Court Rejects Appeal on Church Threatened with State Closure 

Pastor Sues Pelosi, Kamala Harris for Right to Pray at the Capitol Good Friday

Christians Beware of Google providing Authorities Seeking Personal Info 

Churches Targeted with Satanic Graffiti may have been Targeted for Arson 


CA: Bakersfield Church break in 

GA: Package and Tithe theft Woodlake Baptist Church  Monroe GA

LA :  Satanic Graffiti found on Shreveport Church 

NY: Hunt for assailant seen in video beating Asian woman going to church

NY: Christians living and traveling to NYC Beware of Increased Crime 

NY: Church Graffiti Palm Sunday Watertown NY

NV: 2 Carson City Church Targeted with profane graffiti 

OH: First Amendment rights attacked by Universities over LGBTQ Pronouns

OK:  Wife and lover arrested for murder of Oklahoma Pastor 

TN: Bible slated to be Tennessee state book if law passed by state lawmakers

“When a man’s ways are pleasing to the Lord, he makes even his enemies live at peace with him.” Proverbs 16:7

Let’s PRAY together,

  • Lord, you have taught us even through your death and Resurrection that we are to live in peace with others as much as it is within us and to spread your Truth and Hope even with those who seek to persecute, destroy and silence us. Grant us Your wisdom, protection and strength to do as you have taught us daily.

  • Help us to keep our eyes and ears open in situational awareness so that we are ready to respond with Your Hope in all the days you have ordained for us. 

  • Thank you for sending your Son Jesus as the Atonement for our sins and for His mercy bestowed upon us each day.

  • Lord, despite the evil we see all around us, help us not to grow weary in praying, caring and sharing Christ in our home, church, city and beyond for Your honor and Glory.

  • Father, our hearts long to see multitudes of Your children come into Your Kingdom as a direct result of our obedience as your faithful disciple. AMEN!


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“Be ready to give an answer for the Hope of Christ within you.” 

I Peter 3:15

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