Oct 15, 2023 1:44:44 PM | CEN Advisory "Unprecedented Global Events: Christian Leaders Prepare to Respond"

Be Aware, Ready and There

Reminiscent of the events leading up to WWII, converging global events are prompting Christian leaders worldwide to Be Aware, Ready and There being uniquely prepared to share the Gospel with or without notice. Contact a CEN Leadership Expert standing at the READY to assist you to navigate and respond in these unsettled waters “For Such a Time as This.” Esther 4:14

Based on the Global Disaster Alert Coordination GDACS and USGS

reports issued today and considering the given population density in the affected area, a 6.3 magnitude earthquake in Afghanistan, along with more seismic activity throughout the region, has the potential to result in the loss or injury of 5,000 to 7,000 lives, taking into account the population density in the affected region.

The increase in earthquakes in the region not only puts strain on emergency earthquake responders but also puts increased pressure on them when they are also being called upon to evacuate over a million people in Gaza which is now under land, sea, and air attack. 

In addition to the earthquake and Gaza operations now underway there are threats being issued to block the Straits of Hormuz, a strategic source of global energy supply, to be shut down. It appears within the next 24-72 hours all these developments will affect not only loss of life; and an overload on the emergency response in the region; but may cause limited oil production and access throwing off the global economic markets and affecting currency stabilization; and with the potential to trigger widespread civil unrest.

Take Action:


  • Be Aware and vigilant in prayer for wisdom, knowledge and understanding of the developing situation
  • Be Aware of how these unfolding converging events may affect you and your loved ones and how to respond with the Hope of Christ


  • Be Ready by reviewing your ReadyChristian/Church/City/School emergency and security plans.
  • Be Ready by keeping your gas tanks filled with extra supplies on hand. 
  • Be Ready by reviewing your emergency communications, security and response plans to see if anything more is needed. 
  • Be Ready by contacting your response group to ensure they are also ready to respond together.


  • Be There to give an answer now and in the days to come to help you share the Hope of Christ with those He places in your path who may be desperate and searching. 

“Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give a reason for the Hope that you have.” I Peter 3:15

  • Be There as 90% will ask: Where is God in THIS?” “Be ready to give an answer for the Hope of Christ within you!” 

Contact a CEN Leadership Expert standing at the READY to assist you in navigating these waters “for such a time as this”.

Mary Marr

Written By: Mary Marr