A comprehensive online guide designed to assist leaders of schools, regardless of their size, in cultivating a biblically grounded readiness to effectively address the requirements of their faculty, students, and parents.

The ReadySchool Training Guide is a comprehensive self-study handbook focusing on Christian schools' safety, security, and emergency operations plans. It provides guidance and strategies for school leaders to develop site-specific plans to ensure the safety and well-being of students, staff, and the school community during emergencies or disasters. This training is significant for the education industry as it helps schools, who are increasingly at risk, to establish effective emergency response procedures to all types of emergencies large and small which are compatible with first responders.

Purpose and Scope: 

The ReadySchool Training Guide serves as a blueprint for school leaders in developing their emergency operations plan and leadership teams with a Biblical perspective to emergency response. It provides a template with recommendations which may be customized to fit the specific needs of each school. The plan covers various aspects of emergency response such as emergency management elements, response procedures, support documents, emergency call lists, resource lists, and more.

Table of Contents Overview:

The ReadySchool Training Guide includes:

  1. Introduction

  2. Organizational Information Worksheets

  3. Emergency Response Team Formation 

  4. Emergency Operations Center Guidelines

  5. Creating a Biblical Emergency Response Plan

  6. Emergency Operations Plan Components (EOP)

  7. Creating a School Continuity Plan (SCP)

  8. School Emergency Practice Exercises

Summary of Key Points:

  • The Introduction section provides a personal account from a School Principal on why the ReadySchool Training Guide is of great significance in the education industry.

  • The ReadySchool Organizational Information Worksheet section emphasizes the importance of collecting and storing essential information about the school and its facilities.

  • The ReadySchool Emergency Response Team highlights the roles and responsibilities of the emergency response team, and the establishment of an emergency operations center that honors the Lord by praying, caring, and sharing the Gospel appropriately in any crisis.

  • The ReadySchool Emergency Response Plan section focuses on developing a response plan that outlines how the school will address the needs arising from a crisis or disaster.

  • The ReadySchool Emergency Operations Plan Components (EOP) section outlines the key components of an emergency operations plan including how to present the Gospel in crisis situations, work with other Christian schools and first responders effectively as well as, emergency management elements, emergency response procedures, support documents, emergency call lists, and resource lists.

  • The ReadySchool Continuity Plan (SCP) section details the steps required to restore the school to full functionality following an emergency or disaster.

  • The ReadySchool Tabletop Exercises help the educator in applying and practicing the vital elements of their emergency operations plan with staff, students as well as first responders for a Biblical response to any crisis large or small. 


The information presented in the ReadySchool Training Guide  is essential for Christian schools in developing effective emergency operations plans. It provides a comprehensive framework for schools to enhance their preparedness, response, and recovery capabilities during emergencies. By following the guidelines and utilizing the provided templates, schools can ensure the safety and security of their students and staff all while “Being Ready to give an Answer for the Hope of Christ” (I Peter 3:15) in any crisis.

ReadySchool - Prepare Your School for ANY Emergency is a timely and valuable training and at-the-ready resource which empowers school leaders to create a comprehensive emergency operations plan tailored to their specific needs. ReadySchool plays a vital role in safeguarding the well-being of the school community, specifically students, staff, and visitors, first responders ensuring a prompt and effective response to emergencies.