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Working with Community Leaders

The ReadyCity Process

Over the years, CEN has developed a proven process to develop Biblical Readiness in a ReadyCity:

Getting Started | Biblical Readiness

Biblical Readiness is the foundation for becoming ready to respond spiritually, emotionally, mentally and physically to crisis needs in your city. Biblical Readiness training provides you with an in-depth understanding of the foundations of Biblical Readiness - spiritually, emotionally, mentally and physically. Learn what Biblical Readiness is, assess how Biblically Ready your Christian community currently is, and learn the principles that will strengthen your city’s Biblical Readiness.

Getting Started | Unified Leadership

As a ReadyCity leader you will bring local churches and the Christian community together to respond to emergencies, big and small. Emergencies are best responded to locally, making the Christian community the largest untapped network of resources, programs, facilities and volunteers. Tapping these resources and guiding Christians in your city to pray, care, and share with people in crisis and disaster requires special abilities.

Learn to lead Christian community leaders to:

  • Influence and model Christ-like service
  • Build leadership relationships that can bring people together for common purpose
  • Form a leadership team that can model, promote, and train others in Biblical Readiness
  • Find a pathway to build capacity in the Christian community to respond together

Planning l Engaging Community Partners

The ReadyCity training is unique in that it identifies the resources and strengths already built into your city by networking already established organizations and individuals together. Networking with government, law enforcement, emergency response, churches and other community leaders can be like entering a new world and learning a new language. The ReadyCity process provides your entire Christian community with an infrastructure to sustain a collaborative Christian response to disasters and emergencies that may spring up within your community.

Discover how to:

  • Ask strategic questions to assess community needs
  • Facilitate agreements among various Christian and/or city groups to pool resources
  • Recruit leaders who will work in unity and bring a strong, united Christian response
  • Network church and community leaders to prepare and respond to emergencies
  • Develop a strategy for expanding the emergency capabilities of the ReadyCity

Planning | Identifying Community Resources

The Christian community can have a big impact in your city. Learn how to assess your community’s resource capacity to respond to crisis in the city along with some practical steps in getting any Christian organization, no matter its size, ready to respond in emergencies. Download the Capacity Assessment Worksheets to discover what your Christian community already has available internally to respond, the potential risks in your city, and the organizational information that can be utilized in times of crisis to bring a Biblical Response.