Holistic readiness—spiritually, emotionally, mentally, and physically.

Make a Kit 

Scripture Foundation Jeremiah 29:11 

The question for Christians is not just physical survival. We have made a commitment to help our personal network and to help others. As a ReadyChristian, we must consider, “How will I be ready to help others in crisis that may not be prepared?” 

Emergency Preparedness Kits prepared in advance can cover a couple different disaster scenarios, sheltering in place, evacuation with warning, or evacuation with no warning. Unprepared Christians will find themselves in need and unable to respond. Prepared Christians will find many opportunities to help others and share their faith. Three different kinds of kits - one for your home, one for your car, and a personal “go bag” cover the different types of disaster scenarios. A ReadyChristian also stocks the spiritual, emotional, and mental needs that often get overlooked in emergency planning. 

Home - This kit is meant for sheltering in place or for emergencies in which you have advance notice. The basic contents of the kit are what you would need for any camping trip to sustain you without power or water for an extended period of time. This kit is also used for evacuations with advance warning. 

Car - This kit is meant for evacuations in which you do not have time to prepare. It contains the most basic items for survival and can be left in the trunk of the car for up to five years. 

Personal - This kit contains vital personal items, medicine, a jump drive with copies of official documents, hygiene items, a change of clothes, and spiritual aids. 

The home kit should be able to sustain you for a minimum of two weeks and the car kit for 72 hours. Based upon the experiences of recent disasters, be prepared to survive one to two weeks before emergency personnel can reach your location and begin to offer emergency services and supplies. 

A ReadyChristian prepares physically, but also mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. In addition to all expert-recommended survival supplies, ReadyChristian kits should contain spiritual, emotional, and mental aides like:

  • CEN’s Spiritual Response Booklet (Found in the Resource Section)
  • NeedHim and other 24/7 hotlines (
  • Together We Will Stand (TWWS) worship experience CD and “Standing Strong in Crisis” devotional (Found in the Resource section of
  • Pocket Copies of the New Testament At home, the ReadyChristian should consider having extra supplies on hand to help others for crisis:
  • Keeping a room ready for guests
  • Stocking a few extra sets of all-purpose type clothing like parkas, rain jackets, sweatshirts, and pants
  • Preparing a couple extra “go bags”
  • Stocking long-lasting food boxes 

To prepare your kits, answer the following questions:

  • What will my family and I need to live at home for two to four weeks with no outside supplies?
  • If I am caught in an emergency away from home and unable to return, what do I need in my car or on my person to be able to survive for up to 72 hours? Emergency responders have recently changed the 72-hour survival time be a minimum of 72 hours; current time frames recommended for preparedness are from 10 days to two weeks.
  • If forced to evacuate without warning with no guarantee of returning home, what do I, and the members of my household, need to grab and run out the door with?
  • What supplies will I stock to help others in need?