Team of Experts

Our team of experts is composed of diverse individuals with a wide range of experience across the network.

Mary Marr Founder and President Emeritus

Mary Marr is a highly experienced crisis response advisor, national Christian radio broadcaster, trainer, and author, who has brought together ten national ministries to form the first Christian emergency network, CEN, and authored influential books on emergency preparedness. She has supported interventions in national, state, and local emergency activations, including Hurricane Katrina, and is Co-Chair of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s Faith-Based Security and Communications Advisory Committee and the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s “Multi-Faith Roundtable Preventing Violence in Faith Communities” for over two decades.

Michael Boler City Leadership/Racial Reconciliation

Michael Boler, an experienced crisis response advisor with a background as an operations specialist in the U.S. Navy and a key leader in the national CEN ministry, provides organizational leaders with cutting-edge operational expertise, creative solutions, and a wealth of national, state, and local level experience, while leading efforts in racial reconciliation and training underserved faith community groups, and utilizing resources to build maximum community need response capacity.

Mike Marshall Infrastructure Security

Mike Marshall is an experienced ministry problem solver who provides strategic guidance and support to Christian leaders, with expertise in financial management, volunteer recruitment, and overall improvement of existing ministries. He is also the President of the Christian Emergency Network and Owner/COO of Covenant Security Equipment, serving houses of worship worldwide. Mike is passionate about helping leaders achieve their goals, managing their ministries effectively based on biblical principles, and supporting those who are dedicated to spreading the word of God.

Kurt Jordan Personal and Church Security Leadership

Kurt Jordan is a highly skilled professional with extensive experience in crime prevention and emergency response. He brings a unique set of skills and expertise to local church leadership, offering assistance and support to fellow Christians, churches, cities, and ministries in responding quickly and effectively to emergencies. Kurt's deep commitment to serving the Lord and his passion for equipping and assessing security needs and organizational response capabilities make him a valuable advisor to the U.S. Office of Intelligence and Technology and a trusted partner to local leaders who are ready to address the challenges of our times.

Dan Graeber Security and Incident Mitigation

Dan Graeber is an expert in helping the faith community at large to assess their security vulnerabilities and effectively harden “soft target” facilities for congregations to be welcoming and secure at the same time. His expertise in assessing security needs and then advising on the best training “fit” is sought after nationwide. 

Bobbie Rill Crisis Counselor

Misti Miller Administration, Operations, Incident Command, ReadyChristian, ReadyChurch, ReadyCity Training

Misti Miller is a highly experienced administrative executive project manager with a strong background in operations, government relations, and customer service. With over 20 years of business experience in various settings, including churches, nonprofit organizations, corporations, and national trade associations, Misti brings a diverse set of skills to any ministry. She is also a trained ReadyChristian, ReadyChurch, and ReadyCity coach, making her an ideal candidate for organizations seeking to prepare for potential disasters and emergencies. With her humble servant's heart and dedication to excellence, Misti is a valuable asset to any team seeking her expertise.

Lisa Crump Specialist: Prayer Ministry

Lisa Crump is a leading figure in the field of Prayer Ministry, who inspires, empowers, and equips individuals to become effective leaders. With decades of experience serving on the global and national stage, Lisa has established herself as a humble servant leader. She has founded Pray for America and served on the executive team of the National Day of Prayer and Focus on the Family. Her vast experience in recruiting and mobilizing over 17,000 volunteers on the National Day of Prayer Task Force has helped her develop an awareness of the importance of being prepared for emergencies, both big and small, and to share the love of Christ. 

Paul Wade Church SecSpecialist: Law Enforcement, Community Emergencies, ReadyChurch Security Team Buildingurity

Paul Wade has an extensive background in law enforcement, spanning over 28 years, with particular expertise in crisis response. His experience in responding to critical security incidents, fatalities, and event disruptions, as well as community-wide emergencies in large urban and rural law enforcement jurisdictions, makes him a seasoned expert in his field. Additionally, his 20 years as an adjunct college instructor in law enforcement have enabled him to train others in the basics of law enforcement response, situational awareness, handgun usage, tactical room clearing, and verbal de-escalation. 

Major Don Gilger Major Disaster and Ministry Emergency Response

Major Don Gilger is a highly experienced officer in The Salvation Army (TSA), with over three decades of service. As the Director of the TSA Kroc Center in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, and having deployed to many disasters in his tenure with TSA Major Gilger has guided TSA efforts to respond to emergencies and crises both nationally and internationally. His positive attitude and dedication to the "Ministry of Presence" have made him an expert in mobilizing the Church in emergency response, and he is often sought out for his advice on best practices for handling crises. Major Don's extensive experience and knowledge make him the go-to person for anyone looking for guidance on emergency response and ministry.

Audrey Burgher Christian Education and Incident Command Leadership

Audrey is a seasoned and experienced educator having been a public school Principal and teacher as well as Principal of the Christian Emergency Network Institute for readiness to respond to emergencies of all kinds. She is the co-author of the CEN ReadySchool which helps students, teachers, and staff to be prepared for any crisis.

Dave Kleier Project Management, Construction, Infrastructure Security

Dave Kleier has over thirty-five years of Business and Project Management experience in commercial construction, facilities renovations, building expansions, small to mid-sized capital projects, and infrastructure security projects.

Dr. Charles Ware Specialist: Community Racial Reconciliation, ReadyChurch and ReadySchool

Dr. A. Charles Ware is a highly respected leader in the Christian community, with years of experience as a pastor, educator, and author. He has dedicated his career to promoting racial reconciliation and leadership development, and he has served in a number of important roles over the years. As Executive Director of Grace Relations and Special Assistant. to the President at the College of Biblical Studies in Indianapolis, Indiana, he continues to make a significant impact on the lives of his students and colleagues. 

Mauricio Fernandez Security Risk, Safety, and Resilience Expert

Maury Fernandez is a highly experienced security and risk management professional, with over 40 years of experience in the field. His diverse background includes service in the U.S. Marine Corps and as a Drug Enforcement Special Agent, as well as extensive experience in corporate security and risk management. Today, Fernandez serves as a Partner & Senior Advisor at The Human Risks, a specialty advisory and consultancy service that helps organizations build resilience and security in an ever-changing risk environment. With a focus on security risk management, organizational resilience, complex investigations, and more, Maury Fernandez is a trusted advisor to CEOs and senior executives seeking to protect their people, operations, and data.

David Craig Crisis Communications and Disaster Response

David Craig is an expert in crisis management, communications, and putting technology to use effectively to solve the most challenging problems facing responders. His skills in response planning, timely actionable public information, training, and grant writing are just some of the ways David helps those responding to emergencies of all kinds. 

Sherry Buresh Volunteer Recruitment, Management, Response

Sherry Buresh is a highly experienced and dedicated disaster responder with over 20 years of service in the U.S. and globally. She is a skilled leader in recruiting, coaching and mobilizing volunteers to respond to emergencies in a way that reflects the love and compassion of Jesus. Sherry’s ability to accurately assess emergency situations and build human and resource capacity has earned her National VOAD Member of the Year award twice. 

Sandie Sangster Specialist: ReadyChristian, Prayer and Worship Ministry

Sandie Sangster is a seasoned worship leader who has been serving with the Christian Emergency Network since 2001. With over three decades of experience leading worship, she brings a unique and inspired worship experience in praising our Lord Jesus Christ. Sandie believes that worship should be an integral part of daily life, as it helps to cultivate godly character that is essential for overcoming any crisis. Sandie is experienced in training individuals and church groups in CEN’s ReadyChristian principles and applications.  

John Phelps Crisis Communications, Security, ReadyChurch Leadership

John Phelps is an expert in emergency communications and security needs facing Christians in the United States. With his extensive experience as a TV/Radio broadcaster and as CEN's national Public Information Officer, John is well-versed in assessing and responding to the uncertain threat/risk landscape. He has worked closely with law enforcement and intelligence agencies and provides advice to churches, Christian city networks, and individuals on how to respond biblically in crisis situations. Furthermore, his experience as a chaplain for the Phoenix Police Department and working with protective services makes him a valuable advisor in home and church safety. John has recruited and trained volunteers for local security teams, advised on sensitive crisis incidents, and motivated churches to become CEN ReadyChurches.

Dr Edward Smith Chaplain, Incident Command, Critical Incident Stress Management Trainer

Dr. Edward Smith is a seasoned global first responder who brings his expertise in spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical care to any crisis situation. He is a certified Trauma Responder and a trainer in Grief and Trauma through VCCA Incident Command, with certifications in ICS. He has served as a chaplain and trained in chaplaincy within police departments for many years, and has led hundreds of disaster deployments and volunteer teams globally since 9/11. With 25 years of executive experience in airlines, charter airlines, tour wholesale operations, tour development, and hotel sales and operations, Ed is an accomplished professional who brings his vast expertise to the forefront.