Team of Experts

Our team of experts is composed of diverse individuals with a wide range of experience across the network.

Mary Marr Organizational Response Leadership

Mary Marr is a seasoned crisis response advisor, Christian radio broadcaster, trainer, and author. She founded the Christian Emergency Network (CEN), a coalition of ten national ministries, and has written influential books on emergency preparedness. Mary has been involved in various emergency activations, such as Hurricane Katrina, and holds leadership positions in the U.S. Department of Homeland Security's Faith-Based Security and Communications Advisory Committee and the FBI's "Multi-Faith Roundtable Preventing Violence in Faith Communities" for more than 20 years.

Michael Boler City Leadership/Racial Reconciliation

Michael Boler, an experienced crisis response advisor with a background as an operations specialist in the U.S. Navy and a key leader in the national CEN ministry, provides organizational leaders with cutting-edge operational expertise, creative solutions, and a wealth of national, state, and local level experience, while leading efforts in racial reconciliation and training underserved faith community groups, and utilizing resources to build maximum community need response capacity.

Mike Marshall Infrastructure Security

Mike Marshall is an experienced ministry problem solver who offers strategic guidance and support to Christian leaders. With expertise in financial management, volunteer recruitment, and ministry improvement, he serves as the President of the Christian Emergency Network and Owner/COO of Covenant Security Equipment. Mike is passionate about helping leaders manage their ministries effectively based on biblical principles and supporting the spread of God's word

Kurt Jordan Personal and Church Security Leadership

Kurt Jordan is a highly skilled professional in crime prevention and emergency response. He brings extensive experience and a unique set of expertise to local church leadership, assisting fellow Christians, churches, cities, and ministries in responding to emergencies efficiently. Kurt's commitment to serving the Lord and his passion for assessing security needs and organizational response capabilities make him a valuable advisor to the U.S. Office of Intelligence and Technology and a trusted partner to local leaders ready to address modern challenges.

Dan Graeber Security and Incident Mitigation

Dan Graeber possesses extensive expertise in assisting the faith community in comprehensively evaluating their security vulnerabilities and implementing robust protective measures for their "soft target" facilities. He excels in creating an environment where congregations can feel both secure and welcomed. Dan's sought-after proficiency lies in evaluating security requirements, providing tailored training recommendations, and catering to the diverse needs of faith communities across the nation.

Bobbie Rill Trauma, Disaster Response, & Grief Recovery

Bobbie is a highly experienced Clinical Director and Licensed Professional Christian Counselor with over 30 years of expertise. She specializes in relationship dynamics, mental health issues, and grief counseling. As a Certified Clinical Trauma Professional and Advanced Certified Grief Recovery Method Specialist, she has trained professionals and served as an Executive Director of counseling centers. Bobbie is a sought-after event speaker, featured on radio shows, and co-founded The Grief & Wellness Group in Tucson, Arizona.

Misti Miller Incident Command and Readiness Training

Misti Miller is an experienced admin executive project manager with expertise in operations, government relations, and customer service. With 20+ years of diverse business experience across various sectors, including churches, nonprofits, corporations, and trade associations, Misti offers a broad skill set to any ministry. She is also a trained coach in ReadyChristian, ReadyChurch, and ReadyCity programs, making her an ideal candidate for organizations focused on disaster preparedness. Misti's commitment to excellence and humble servant's heart make her a valuable asset to any team seeking her expertise.

Lisa Crump Prayer Leadership

Lisa Crump is a respected figure in Prayer Ministry, inspiring leaders through empowerment and equipping. With decades of global and national service, she's known for her humility and founding Pray for America. Lisa's vast experience includes mobilizing over 17,000 volunteers for the National Day of Prayer Task Force, fostering preparedness for emergencies and sharing Christ's love.

Paul Wade Law Enforcement, Community Emergencies, ReadyChurch Security

Paul Wade is a highly experienced law enforcement professional with over 28 years of expertise in crisis response. He has a strong background in managing critical security incidents, fatalities, and event disruptions in both urban and rural jurisdictions. Additionally, as an adjunct college instructor for 20 years, he has trained others in law enforcement response, situational awareness, handgun usage, tactical room clearing, and verbal de-escalation.

Major Don Gilger Major Disaster and Ministry Emergency Response

Major Don Gilger, a highly experienced officer in The Salvation Army (TSA), brings over three decades of service. As the Director of the TSA Kroc Center in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, he has led emergency response efforts both nationally and internationally. Major Gilger's positive attitude and dedication to the "Ministry of Presence" have made him an expert in mobilizing the Church during crises. His extensive experience and knowledge make him the go-to person for guidance on emergency response and ministry.

Audrey Burgher Christian Education and Incident Command Leadership

 Audrey Burgher, a seasoned educator well-versed in emergency readiness, brings valuable expertise from her previous roles as a public school Principal and teacher. As a co-author of the CEN ReadySchool training, Audrey plays a pivotal role in preparing students, teachers, and staff within the Christian education system to effectively navigate a wide range of crises.

Dave Kleier Project Management and Infrastructure Security

With over 35 years of experience, Dave Kleier is a highly skilled professional in Business and Project Management. He has expertise in commercial construction, facilities renovations, building expansions, small to mid-sized capital projects, and infrastructure security. Dave's track record includes successfully leading numerous projects, ensuring quality results and timely completion. His extensive experience makes him a valuable asset in various domains of business and project management.

Dr. Charles Ware Community Racial Reconciliation, ReadyChurch and ReadySchool

Dr. A. Charles Ware is a highly respected leader in the Christian community, known for his extensive experience as a pastor, educator, and author. He is dedicated to promoting racial reconciliation and leadership development. Currently, as the Executive Director of Grace Relations and Special Assistant to the President at the College of Biblical Studies in Indianapolis, Indiana, he continues to make a significant impact on his students and colleagues.

Sandie Sangster ReadyChristian, Prayer and Worship Leadership

Sandie Sangster is a seasoned worship leader serving with the Christian Emergency Network (CEN) since 2001. With over three decades of experience, she brings a unique and inspired worship experience centered on praising Jesus. Sandie believes that worship is integral to daily life, cultivating godly character for overcoming crises. She also trains individuals and church groups in CEN's ReadyChristian principles.

John Phelps Crisis Communications & ReadyChurch Security

John Phelps is an expert in emergency communications and security for Christians in the US. With vast experience as a TV/Radio broadcaster and CEN's national Public Information Officer, he adeptly assesses and responds to evolving threats. John collaborates with law enforcement and intelligence agencies, advising churches and individuals on biblical crisis response. As a chaplain and safety consultant, he trains security teams and promotes readiness among churches as CEN ReadyChurches.

David Craig Crisis Communications and Disaster Response

David Craig possesses a profound expertise in crisis management, communications, and the proficient utilization of technology to effectively tackle the most arduous challenges encountered by responders. Through his exceptional skills in response planning, providing timely and actionable public information, delivering comprehensive training, and composing successful grant proposals, David plays a pivotal role in assisting emergency responders in various types of emergencies.

Sherry Buresh Volunteer Management & Response

Sherry Buresh exemplifies an exceptional career as a disaster responder, showcasing unwavering dedication and extensive expertise spanning over two decades, both within the United States and worldwide. She possesses remarkable leadership skills, specializing in the recruitment, coaching, and mobilization of volunteers to effectively address emergency situations while embodying the compassion and love epitomized by Jesus. Sherry's exceptional proficiency in evaluating and responding to crises, coupled with her talent for fostering human connections and maximizing available resources, has garnered her the prestigious honor of being awarded the National VOAD Member of the Year not once, but twice.

Dr Edward Smith Chaplain, Incident Command, Critical Incident Stress Management

Dr. Edward Smith is a seasoned global first responder with expertise in spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical care. Certified as a Trauma Responder and trainer in Grief and Trauma, he has extensive experience in chaplaincy within police departments. With over 25 years of executive experience in various sectors, including airlines and hotel operations, Dr. Smith brings a wealth of expertise to his role as a first responder. He has led numerous disaster deployments and volunteer teams worldwide since 9/11, making him an invaluable asset in crisis situations.